Monday Moanin Thoughts #95 What Does Being Bold Mean?

Wow, welcome to another snowy, freezing cold  Monday Moanin in Michigan!This is getting old and somewhat difficult. A few weeks ago I wrote a blog on challenging all of us to be bold in 2014. Since that post, I have found numerous posts and blogs with different opinions and ideas on what being bold means. Listed below are some excerpts from those posts. Our challenge is to determine what being bold means to us. Hopefully these posts will be helpful as you reflect and determine your definition and more importantly your action. Here they are:

Susan Mazza writes;” Boldness is a choice. Any one of us can choose to be bold, to step outside the box of what’s expected, to be the one to speak up and say what others think but are afraid to say ,to stand for a possibility in the face of criticism and disbelief, and the thousands of other ways we can all be bold.

Randy Conley shares;” Bold leadership is not about you, it’s about the people you lead. Do you put their interests ahead of your own? Are you striving to help them succeed or are they just pawns in your grand scheme to achieve corporate domination? Bold leaders take the strengths of their team members and blend them together in such a way that the team as a whole is stronger than any one individual. You can’t do that if you’re only focused on yourself.

Mark Babbitt encourages;” Take a different approach. Determine what makes you stand out. Why do others love working with you? What are you really, really good at? What do you do that makes people smile? What about your personality makes them want to follow you?

 Find that. Bottle that. Sell that.
 Be yourself. Be different.
 Ultimately, being bold isn’t so difficult. Forget what you’ve learned – and tried – so far. Start new; nothing is off limits. Display that passion. Say no. At every opportunity, learn.
 Most importantly, be BOLD enough to be deliberately different.
Peter Aceto challenges;”  Being bold doesn’t mean risk taking without thinking. You can be very analytical, very thoughtful, you could even take your time and you can still be bold! A leader can be decisive while at the same time taking his/her time to make a bold decision. These things are not opposites, not mutually exclusive. So maybe my question should be, are you thoughtful enough to be bold?
All four writers have their own twist on being bold. Which one resonates with you? Whatever you decide, look in the mirror and go for it.

Have a great week and be bold in 2014!



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