Monday Moanin Thoughts #9, Be Current and Proactive

Ouch, not another Monday Moanin. Be on top of your game this week. In most district’s, this week is the one before a few days off to celebrate Thanksgiving. It is a necessary time for all educators to be well planned and intentional in their practice. Many community members tend be a little antsy this week as they prepare for the break. Some may be traveling, some hosting, and many with no plans. There are many feelings that come with these areas and it can lead to staff members feeling very different. The building could also feel different. Be aware of this time of year and plan your actions around giving support, encouragement, and having patience as you deal with issues that come up. Your presence is critical this week in establishing an environment for learning and  helping your organization to stay on track.

On another note, this is a great week to focus on staying current with the latest research. Being Current in best practice and the latest research on teaching and learning is critical to setting the tone in your community. A fine example of  current research is exploring teaching and learning in the twenty-first century . The challenges and opportunities of that topic will require a knowledgeable leader to guide the staff on that difficult journey. Most buildings have staff meetings  this week. Do not miss the opportunity to provide staff with an article, video, or activity on instruction or another areas of teaching and learning. Does your staff have a common definition of what is good instruction? If not , this is a good time to begin that work. Be proactive as the lead learner in your community.

Quote of the Week: It’s the leaders job to initiate connection with the people. John Maxwell

Have a great week and make those connections happen.

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