Monday Moanin Thoughts #85 Three Suggestions For This Week

Welcome to the first Monday Moanin of November 2013. In many school districts this week marks the end of the first quarter marking period. This is a great time to reflect and set new goals and focus areas  for the next quarter of the year. I want to share three suggestions for you to consider focusing on this week. Consider giving them a try.

Shift your conversation from management to teaching and learning. Your staff need to hear this message so they can begin to reflect on their own practice.  Good instruction matters!


Seek out information and feedback from your staff. Do you know what they are thinking? What do they think needs attention? What do they consider  are your organizations strengths?  How many voices have input? Leaders let other people say their opinions and some decisions are made together.


Focus on honesty this week. Tell the truth, don’t lie, distinguish fact from perception. Start with you and build trust throughout your organization.

Good luck and have a great week. Intentionality on any of the three areas mentioned will help improve and enhance your performance. Keep finding the good stuff!

Quote of the week: “Being a leader is not always about being in the drivers seat… it’s what you do up to that point that will make the difference when your time comes.” David  Culberhouse






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