Monday Moanin Thoughts #83 Focus On Clarity This Week

Happy  October 2013  and  here is wishing you all a great Monday Moanin. I just spent this past weekend with my family up in Traverse City, Michigan. It was a spectacular time. The colors were beautiful, the air was crisp, the weather cooperated,  and the clear views allowed you to see for miles. Tonight, as I reflect on the weekend , clarity is in my thoughts. I can’t help but think of Patrick Lencioni and his work on creating clarity. He writes passionately in his book, Advantage, about how leadership teams need to have “a clear, current goal around which they rally. Thus they have  a collective sense of ownership for that goal.”

This week, I encourage you to focus on one goal and that your team owns it, is responsible, and they rally around it. Like spending a beautiful clear Fall weekend in Northern Michigan, bring crispness and  clarity  to your work.


Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff.

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