Monday Moanin Thoughts #8 Communication

One more Monday to wake up to. I hope all is well in your school communities. I urge all school leaders to focus on communication this week.

As a leader , is it important to be in contact with your stakeholders. Develop a specific content schedule that organizes your communication within your school community. For example, every Monday a calendar of events is published, Fridays, an email or Facebook / Twitter blast is sent to your families and students. It is critical that this is a strategy that your stakeholders can count on receiving and is an intentional message.

In a 2009 , 200,000 employees participated in WorkplaceDynamics’ Top Workplaces survey. Communication was the top reason workers had confidence in leadership at their company. Effective communication is essential at all successful organizations. This week is a great time to have communication be at the forefront of all that you do.

Tip of the week:

Admit when you don’t know something. Pam Robbins says; Many regard the principal as expert or sage because of the role. If you don’t have an answer, model being a learning leader. Say, “I don’t have that answer, but I will research that and get back to you”. Write it down and get back to them within 24 hours. This is good leadership and communication.

Quote of the week: Leading means you have to be a good example, and live what you say. Only then can you persuade people honestly. Tom Brack, SmartTeam AG

Have a great week and be proactive.

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