Monday Moanin Thoughts #76 Stay In Your Lane

Ugh! Another Monday Moanin to begin a challenging week. For many of you the 2013-14 school year has started and here in Michigan PD days have begun and students arrive the Tuesday after Labor Day. This time of year can be filled with mixed emotions. It is exciting to be back with colleagues and yet there is a grieving for the loss of  freedom and rejuvenation  the summer provides. As I reflect on my experiences, the initial months of a new year do not allow for a gradual pace. Lets be honest, you hit the ground running. There are very few days without students for the first couple of months. There are also curriculum nights, open houses, and parent conferences to add to the intensity. There is one effective strategy and affirmation that will help you adjust to your demanding schedule, Stay In Your Lane.

In order to stay in your lane individuals need to determine their essential responsibilities and work on being effective in those areas. An example for a classroom teacher may be a laser like focus on their learners by planning engaging lessons and being present with them each and everyday. For an administrator, this may involve staying focused on providing hope and energy for their organization by conducting consistent classroom walk-throughs and clarity in their communication with staff. In both examples, people have focused on what they can control and are not being distracted by doing work for others that may cause them to change lanes.As the year progresses, lanes may widen but it is extremely helpful to stay in your lane in order to maximize your effectiveness.

I hope as the challenges and demands of a new year begin you will find more balance, enhancement, effectiveness, and energy as you learn to Stay In Your Lane.

Good luck and keep finding the good stuff.

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