Monday Moanin Thoughts #75 Setting The Tone

A Monday Moanin in  August 2014, what could be better?  For many of you the 2013-14 school year will begin in a few short weeks. As a result , many of you are in the planning stages of  your opening staff meeting. Around fifteen years ago I attended a week long training on William Glasser’s Choice theory. The workshop was very powerful and the learning enhanced my effectiveness  in a positive way. One of my takeaways was a template to introduce myself to learners in class or to staff. It is a productive way to help set the correct tone, communicate expectations and  provide clarity for the school year. Over the years I used this template to  begin the opening staff meeting with great success. I urge you to give consideration to using it this year.

Administrative Introduction to Staff- Quality School Principal

Who you are?

Staffs are interested in your hobbies, family, and other things that may be mundane to you. You share what you are comfortable with. Share something and they will appreciate it and you become more human, not the boss.

 What you stand for?

What you stand for and why you stand for it is critical for your staff.  This is where you can begin to share your vision and set the tone for how you operate and the impact that your leadership will have on the organization. This also helps set the tone and encourages each staff member to reflect on what they believe in and to determine their purpose. This can be as deep and meaningful as you want it to be.

What you will ask them to do?

Make sure your staff understands what you will ask them to do. Never surprise them. The key is you would not ask something of them that you would not ask yourself. This is not “ don’t do as I do, do as I say.”

What you will do for them?

As long as they are (restate your vision or other expectations here) doing their best and work on behalf of  all leaners, you will help them in any way you can. Discussions will be encouraged and disagreements will be laid on the table and dealt with.  You will support them, etc…

What you will not do for them?

You will not do their work or be placed in the middle or speak on their behalf in a disagreement between colleagues, etc…

I hope you give this strategy a try.  Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff!

Quotes of the week:

To be successful in life, we must evaluate ourselves and work to improve: we cannot and should not depend on others to do this for us. William Glasser

The greatest help in meeting any problem is to know where you yourself stand. That is, to have in words what you believe and are acting from. William Faulkner


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