Monday Moanin Thoughts #54 What Learners Say About Their Teachers

Welcome to the latest edition of  Monday  Moanin thoughts. During last few weeks  I have had the opportunity  to conduct many one question interviews with learners of all ages. I was interested in finding out what did learners appreciate about their teachers. What made them successful as instructors? Here are some of the comments I received:

  • “My teacher is always concerned about all of us and whether we get it.”
  • “She is always organized and easy to understand.”
  • “I appreciate when they take a personal interest in me and they can relate to all of us.”
  • “Personal connection is so important. When I was being bullied in 7th grade, my teacher offered me a safe place and he cared about me.”
  • “I appreciated when they take an interest and knew something about me.”
  • “I appreciate when you can tell that they like what they are doing. They like their job. It rubs off on me.”
  • ” My favorite teacher is engaging and makes science come alive. It is not boring.”
  • ” He is always available to all of us and willing to help if we do not understand something.”
  • ” She never yells at us or gets mad.”
  • ” I appreciate when I am treated with respect and not like a little kid.”
  • ” She gives us a choice for certain assignments.”

The most repeated and common thought was the importance of teachers establishing a personal connection with the learner. I urge you to conduct a similar exercise in your school or classroom. Find out from the learners what do they appreciate about their teachers. Or consider the question, What is a good instruction or teaching? Learners are an untapped resource that can provide feedback as you move forward with teaching and learning initiatives. As a learner, what would you add to the list?

Have a great week , find the good stuff and keep learning and growing.

Quote of the week:

“Growth is always the result of challenge. You grow your mind when it is challenged by new ideas or new problems or even new opportunities.” Ken Blanchard


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