Monday Moanin Thoughts #4 Validate

The theme of the week is validate. Across the Tri-County area of Michigan several schools have celebrated Homecoming week. The amount of planning, doing, and acting by students and staff to provide a positive experience for all is overwhelming. As a leader, validate the time and effort put in by these outstanding people.

Parent conferences begin this week in several district’s. Validate the efforts of your staff  as they prepare to meet with parents. Don’t take for granted the extra time and energy this takes by staff . Let them know you appreciate them.

Sagor states that all teachers need to feel validated. Not only do they receive little creditable data on their success, but they hear daily that they collectively have failed their students. Teachers working in high poverty schools have it even worse. All teachers must be given consistent opportunities to validate the positive effects that their work is having on their student’s lives. These opportunities help to validate their performance and it becomes evident that they make a difference. Two opportunities may be in the areas of assessment and the role of the teacher from all knowing to facilitator and coach. As leaders , let’s continue to develop other opportunities to assist our instructional staff in making a difference for kids.

Quote of the week: Opportunity just exists in the air for a few minutes. If you don’t obey your gut feeling right away, you’ve lost your chance. Ken Hakuta

Have a great week, get to work  and don’t lose your chance to reinforce the good things happening in your school community.

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