Monday Moanin Thoughts #331 Top Ten Tweets To Guide as You Prepare For 2019-20

Happy Monday Moanin to all of you. Every year at the Hickey Leadership Planning Summit, I share top tweets to consider using to guide your practice. This year I am publishing them in this MMT.  All of these had at least 3000 impressions when posted. They are:

Tuesday thought from @SteeleThoughts, “Sometimes students need great role models more than they need great instructors. Teachers should never lose sight of the fact that their impact on kids often transcends the lesson.” #model #reflect #lead

Monday thought from @coolcatteacher; “ If you’re going to fear anything, teachers, fear complacency, fear the status quo, fear doing nothing.” What are you going to do different this week? #action #lead #risk

Tuesday post from @cory_heiman, “School culture is important for staff, but need to look at school culture through the lens of our students. Too many times we are trying to satisfy the adults & forget about the kids.” #kidcentered #wereoutnumbered

Monday thought from @rbishop_jr; “ Today is another great opportunity to make our relationships with each other and our students stronger! Build a relationship before you need a relationship. Let’s continue to be great today! What a great opportunity! #lead #payattention

Thursday thought; Challenge yourself to see things through the eyes of others. Limit making assumptions and be more compassionate. #grow #lead
Wednesday thought from @HealingMB, Seven types of people to surround yourself with: 1. The kind 2. The grateful 3. The inspired 4. The motivated 5. The passionate 6. The empowering 7. The open-minded. #lead #reachout
Tuesday thought; the top 5 list for a spring renewal ; 1. Less summative assessments 2. More formative assessments 3.More choice for learners 4.Less demand for student compliance, more connections & enhancing relationships 5. Find the good stuff. #lead #takeaction
Sunday night thought as you prepare for the week; Rockwell posts; ”How you show up determines where you end up. 1. Show up complaining – encounter negativity. 2. Show up closed to suggestions – receive resistance. 3. Show up open to possibility – experience potential.” #lead
Next week is Teacher appreciation week. Consider focusing on what

@SteeleThoughts & @ToddWhitaker write. “Notice the little things your teachers do & recognize them for it. It is not enough to think that your team members are valuable; it is important to tell them.” #letthemknow
Have a great Summit and keep finding the good stuff.
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