Monday Moanin Thoughts #312 Use These Top Tweets To Guide Your Week

Happy Second Monday of October 2018 to all of you. Over the last three months, July-September,  I tweeted many opinions and quotes from many of the stars of leadership and education. Below are listed my top tweets during that time. Each of them had over 2500 impressions on Twitter. Consider using one of them to guide your work and planning this week.

Gr8 reminder for all admins & teachers in schools, the climate & culture of the building reflect your leadership. #build #ownit

Tuesday thought from Mattos; “Here is the key to improving your school or district:  Stop adding something new every year, but instead get great at what works.” #lead #prioritize

Tuesday thought from @TimElmore, “Rocks are like priorities. Only so many rocks can fit in a jar. Only so many activities can fit in a week. The issue isn’t prioritizing your schedule, but scheduling your priorities. Put in the big rocks first.” #whatsurgent

Thursday thought from @simonsinek;”The leaders who get the most out of their people are the leaders who care most about their people.“ #lead #payattention

Saturday thought from @gcouros ;”Shine the light on others as much as possible.  There is ZERO risk in showing appreciation for the work of others.” #lead

Tuesday thought from @DouglasReeves; “Some rules that must be broken: 1). Cover every standard 2). Plow through the curriculum even when students need support to be ready for the lessons 3). Stick with the schedule, even when we know students need more time.” #lead #learning

Monday thought from @Leadershipfreak; “Show up to serve: 1. Confront wrong thinking. 2. Remove obstacles that hinder others. 3. Reward people who help others succeed. 4. Enable others to achieve peak performance. 5. Give more than you receive. 6. Honor others. #lead

Friday thought from @mikemattos65 , “I don’t understand why giving kids the opportunity to try, get feedback, and try again during football practice is considered good coaching, but giving kids a chance to try, get feedback, and retest in an academic course is enabling? “ #lead

Hopefully these will help as you plan your week. Have a great one and keep finding the good stuff.

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