Monday Moanin Thoughts #308 A Great Time To Practice And Focus On Some Habitudes

Happy Monday Moanin to all of you. The 2018-19 school year is almost here. In preparation, I have started to reread The Habitudes Series , by Tim Elmore. His thoughts and writings are around a belief that there are images that form leadership habits and attitudes. Below are five of my favorite quotes taken from the series. Refer to them often this week and let them guide your practice and serve as a prompt to help set your goals and actions for the new school year.

  • “Leaders must make sure their emotional tank is full before they lead others. Never lead out of need.
  • Holding on to the comfort of our past can keep us from grabbing the adventure that lies in our future.”
  • ” Rocks are like priorities. Only so many rocks can fit in a jar. Only so many activities can fit in a week. The issue isn’t prioritizing your schedule, but scheduling your priorities. Put in the big rocks first,”
  • Good leaders find a way to connect with people. They earn their right to be followed. They build bridges of relationship that can bear the weight of principle.”
  • “Every decision is a trade-off. Doing one thing means you can’t do another. Leaders can do anything, but they can’t do everything. In deciding what you’ll do, you choose what not to do.”

Thanks to Tim Elmore for the Habitudes. I wish all of you a great week and keep finding the good stuff.

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