Monday Moanin Thoughts #300 Ask For Feedback

Happy Monday Moanin to all of you. Hopefully you experienced a wonderful,  restful weekend. For many of you the 2017-18 school year has either ended or it will very soon. Usually this is not the time of year to ask for feedback because of the overall fatigue of stakeholders. However, you don’t have to use a complex survey to gather information that may help you grow and plan for 2018-19. One of my colleagues, Dr. Cathryn Skedel shared with me an instrument she used a few weeks ago with her staff. She sought feedback for her team as well as a few reflections from staff. It was very doable and not cumbersome for her staff. She also received critical information as she plans for next year. Listed below are some of the statements and questions she used. 

Survey questions using 10 point Likert scale:

My administrative team treats me like a professional.
My administrative team has realistic expectations for my time.
I believe my administrative team feels I am an effective teacher.
My administrative team demonstrates a solid understanding of effective teaching practices and offers effective feedback.
My administrative team visits my classroom often enough.
I feel comfortable going to my administrative team with my concerns.
My administrative team supports my decisions about student behavior.
My administrative team supports me when conflicts arise with parents.
My administrative team cultivates a positive relationship among faculty members at this school.
I feel empowered to make decisions about my teaching.
I enjoy coming to work most days.
I feel we have a positive school culture.
In general, I believe our school is meeting the needs of our students.


Open-ended questions:

I feel my administrative team is strong in these areas:
I would like to see my administrative team grow in these ways:
I believe our school is working well in these areas:
I would like to see our school change in these ways:


A big thank you to Cathryn for sharing her survey. Consider using a few of these at your final checkout with staff. Encourage staff to seek information from their learners also. It’s simple. If were not learning,  were not growing. Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff.


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