Monday Moanin Thoughts #3

  • If you have personality that is always seeking perfection and you are self critical when things don’t  go according to your plan, try focusing on being effective. This may help you achieve balance and you will operate with a high level of success. Perfect is tough, effective is achievable.
  • I co-facilitated a workshop with outstanding Principals from across the county this past week. I was so impressed with their knowledge, commitment, and willingness to improve and grow. Our students and schools are in fine shape if these are the caliber of  principals leading buildings. Bravo!
  • Principals, do you send out your  emails or does your secretary/assistant send them on behalf of you? Consider giving your assistant proxy to your account.  Bottom line, do it yourself,  critical and pertinent information should come from you.
  • Quote of the Week:

Change doesn’t happen from a leader announcing the plan. Change happens from deep inside a system, when a few people notice something they  will no longer tolerate, or respond to a dream of what’s possible. We don’t have to start with power, only with passion. Margaret Wheatley

Have a great week and find the good stuff.

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