Monday Moanin Thoughts #297 Happy Mothers Day, Lead Like Mom

Happy Monday Moanin! Yesterday we celebrated  Mother’s Day 2018 and I hope all Mom’s had a special day with their families. Most of us can reflect on how our own mom’s have influenced us as people and leaders. When I think of my mom, I am filled with many examples of how she helped shaped my life and those of my five brothers. Luckily, she still influences all of us  to this day. Rose Hickey is a  95-year-old dynamo. Her gifts are many and she still is the leader of our family. After my dad passed away in 1991, my mom modeled for all of us resiliency and strength.  It was not an easy time, yet she led us through our grief and though missing him, continued to enjoy and live a rewarding, full life. In the past two years,  she has battled many health issues and visits to the hospital and rehab facilities.In November that she moved out of her condo and into a retirement facility.  This morning, my wife and I visited her at her apartment and she is doing well.   When she was in rehab part of her physical therapy for balance, was having putting contests with her PT.  For her gift, we bought her a putter, 3 Pro V’s and new putt return machine. She was having a ball and made several putts. She is amazing and still strong and resilient.During my principalships,  I would  try to use many of my Mom’s characteristics and modeling into my daily practice. As the final weeks of school are upon us,  consider leading like your Mom. It really helped me. Try focusing on the bolded words. To finish strong consider some of the following:

  • Provide  a positive energy and attitude during the final days of school. Remember your days are not the toughest or most difficult.
  • Let your staff know you care and support them, some staff tend to lose patience with their students  during this stretch. Be there for them.
  • During your end of the year activities including graduation, award ceremonies, or move ups at all levels, keep your  remarks short, student focused, with more we  talk than I talk.
  • Keep reminding your staff to be well planned with high expectations and patience.
  • Redirect your staff and students to what is really important.
  • Remember to do three things, Listen, Listen, Listen.
  • This can be  a very anxious and emotional time of year for many. As result, fight being needy.  Concentrate on filling buckets at this time of year.

I am guessing that as you reflect on the gifts of your mom, you may see many of her qualities in the words above. So why not focus on them as the school year ends and a new one begins. Let’s all emphasize the bolded words and apply them daily.  Let’s get to work. Thanks Mom and Happy Mother’s Day!

Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff. #finishstrong

Quote of the week: “I think our job as parents is to give our kids roots to grow and wings to fly.”

Deborah Norville


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