Monday Moanin Thoughts #286 Are You In The Dark? Don’t Get Comfortable

Well  lets put the final January Monday Moanin 2018 in the books. Here comes February. I hope all of you  had a great weekend. After reading a quote from Bud Ozar my thoughts kept returning to how parenting and administration is so similar.  In both roles your children or your staff can leave you out of conversations and avoid approaching you with things they think you won’t approve of or be disappointed in. Or maybe they just don’t want to have the discussion and they will choose how to deal with it their own way. As a result,  the parent or the administrator is in a situation that they don’t know what they don’t know. In other words they are left in the dark, maybe on purpose. There can be some good things that come out of not being aware of the issue.  For example your kids or staff may learn how to take ownership of  the issue or problem they may going through. The Ozar quote  fits perfectly for this issue of darkness and being left out. It’s  written for parents, but fits for school administrators. 

Often a parent is deliberately  “left in the dark.” Darkness can be comforting for it makes no demands on us. Light can be disturbing for it forces us to take action. Parents walk a delicate balance of when to “sit in the dark” and when to “turn on the lights.” Bud Ozar

This week lets turn on more lights by being accessible, available, balanced, and supportive. Oh, don’t forget to find the good stuff and have a great week.

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