Monday Moanin Thoughts #285 Free Yourself Of The Muck

I would like to  wish all of you a happy January 2018 Monday Moanin.  I trust that everyone had a restful and enjoyable weekend. As I thought of what to write on today I reflected on how difficult it is working in education today. There is so much to focus on and days filled with many challenges.  It certainly can be overwhelming and complex. One of my mentors shared with me a few years ago that when things are so complex, look for the simple. When you focus too much on the complexities of your role you can become paralyzed and stuck in the muck. In the coming days, free yourself of the muck!  How?

Whatever your role is, try  revisiting your opening staff or class meeting and reflect on what your message was. Was it collaboration, respect, best practice, always doing your best, or 21st century teaching and learning?  In 2018, focus on that message, reinforce it daily. It is simple, doable, and it may help to free you from many of the things on your plate. Your learners need that consistent message and so do you. In 2018, remember to lead and communicate with clarity and look for the simple.

Quote of the week:

“The best leaders are passionate, innovative, demanding, and caring. They have a clear vision and can turn it into a vivid picture others can see.”

~Bill Prettyman

Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff!


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