Monday Moanin Thoughts #279 We Need More Collaboration, Less Competition

Happy Monday Moanin to everyone. During this past week I began reflecting on why can’t educators get on the same page? Why can’t we figure out what we need to focus on in all of our schools? It seems to me that if we all work together and collaborate more, all learners will benefit. Instead we compete against one another; state against state, county against county; district against district, school against school, principal against principal,  and teacher against teacher. This culture of intense competition is unhealthy and not productive. Overall it is more of a distraction to doing the right work which may be determining what our learners need? Too many compete to have the highest fund balance, the best test scores, the best employee contracts, the most national merit scholars, etc….  We can do better. As educators, we are stronger together the more we share and collaborate. As 2018 approaches, lets focus on being supportive of one another as we all work on  the challenges of whats really important, our learners.

Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff.

Quote of the week: Riggio writes: “Follow the three areas of leadership and you will be a better leader and person;  respect, recognize, and reward.”

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