Monday Moanin Thoughts #274 These Administrative Behaviors May Be Hurting Your Culture

It is hard to believe that we have reached the final Monday Moanin, October 2017. Finally an end to the October blues. Last week I shared with you concerns regarding staff behavior that may be causing your culture to dip downward. This week it may be administrative behaviors that could be hurting your culture. It is critical that you begin paying attention to the list below and take action to limit the negative influences affecting your building. Don’t let them kill your culture, they are:

  • Not answering emails in a timely manner or not at all.
  • Avoiding direct conversations with individuals regarding their poor behavior and addressing it with the whole staff as if it’s a building issue.
  • Not following through on initiatives, #finishwhatyoustart
  • Rarely visible and not accessible to staff or students.
  • Not owning or taking responsibility for building issues and blaming others.

Keep building a positive environment for your community and attack these ‘culture killers’. They are all things that you have control over. Reflect and get to work!  Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff.


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