Monday Moanin Thoughts #273 Culture Problems? These 4 Staff Behaviors May Cause You Concern

Happy October, 2017 Monday Moanin to all of you. For most of you in Michigan, schools have been in session for over 6 weeks. As a result you should have a pretty good pulse on the culture of your organization. In this MMT edition I  mention 4 potential culture killers caused by staff. In the future I will focus on Administrator behaviors that negatively affect culture. It is critical that you begin paying attention to the list below and take action to limit the negative influences on your building. They are:

Staff not introducing themselves to new staff members or not knowing who they are or their names after weeks of school.

Staff members eating alone and isolating themselves from colleagues.

Cliques that exclude others and that consistently blame parents and students for issues that they are experiencing.

Staff members that criticize other colleagues openly , but do not discuss their concerns with the person directly.

Keep paying attention by being visible and continue to conduct one legged conferences(check in’s)to get more of a real view of whether your culture is trending positively or negatively. Be ready to take action. Have the crucial conversations that are needed to turn things around.
Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff.

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