Monday Moanin Thoughts #266 Celebrate Your Work On Labor Day 2017

Today’s Monday Moanin Thoughts is especially challenging because it signals the end of summer for many of you. It is also Labor Day 2017. A day when we celebrate working people across America.  Even as we celebrate, there are many challenges across our country for workers including unemployment, right to work legislation, living wage issues,  a shrinking middle class, changes in pensions, and declining pay and benefits for many Americans. It would be easy to write about these challenges and make this blog a commentary on political issues that impact our profession and many others. Instead, take the time to reflect on those areas you have control over.  Listed below are 5 questions for you to reflect on.  Hopefully your answers will help you continue to grow as you begin a new year. They are;

  1. Do you treat your work with respect and appreciate your position?
  2. Do you treat your co-workers with respect and are you willing to collaborate with them to enhance your own skills?
  3. Do you understand the importance of your position and the responsibility of working with young people?
  4. Do you provide hope and support for students and colleagues that are struggling with personal and professional issues?
  5. Do you stay positive for your students, when you are consistently asked to do more with less?

Please take a few minutes and think about these questions.  Hopefully, you celebrate the work you are doing and begin the new year  with a focus to improve and enhance your performance. Good luck, have a great week , thank you for the job you do, and keep finding the good stuff.

Quote of the week:

“The best teachers figure out how to handle their frustrations without complaining. They have challenges…but they don’t dwell in negativity.”  Danny Steele

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