Monday Moanin Thoughts #261 Summer Reading List, Check Your Bookcase

Happy July 2017 Monday Moanin to all of you. Since the end of the school year several colleagues have asked me for a recommendation for a book to read this summer. During this past school year, I conducted coaching sessions with several building administrators. Many meetings took place in their offices. During our meetings I noticed that many of them had bookcases  jammed with hundreds of  books and journals filled with critical information on pertinent topics and best practice strategies.  As I reflect on my office as a principal and my den today, I have the same overfilled bookcases. I realized  it was rare that I read  or referred back to any of  these books on my shelves. I began looking at the titles from Lencioni, Barth, Fullan, Marzano, Covey, Dweck, Stiggins, DuFour, Sandberg, Blanchard, Kouzes and Posner. They are resources with information to assist in my growth and help with planning for 2017-18. So, for your next read, check your bookcase and pick a title. Years ago I read  Leadership for Learning, by Carl Glickman and I selected this quote from it;

“Successful schools understand that the direct improvement of teaching and learning in every classroom comes via a constellation of individuals and groups who undertake a myriad of activities and initiatives. These activities and initiatives provide continual reflection and changing of classroom practices guided by the educational aspirations of the school.” 

Have a great week and find the good stuff.  It  just may be on your bookshelf.

If you happen to live in the Tri-County area of Detroit, consider attending the 2017 Hickey Leadership Group Planning Summit on August 2rd. Check this link for more information and to register,  Many of the above mentioned strategies could be worked on including opportunities to network with other schools. Information is located on the homepage by clicking on Summit 2017.


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