Monday Moanin Thoughts # 260 Best Tweets April-June 2017- Great Guide For Your Week

Happy First Monday of July 2017 to all of you. Over the last three months, I tweeted many opinions and quotes from many of the stars of leadership and education. Below are listed my top tweets during that time. Each of them had over 2500 impressions on Twitter. Consider using one of them to guide your work and planning this week.

Wednesday thought from @ToddWhitaker ;”we have to mean what we say, but we don’t have to say it mean. #lead #kind

@hickeygroup posted;’ Every school leader should say; ” I’m sorry.” When you mess up, own it and then move on.’

Friday thought from Kouzes & Posner; ” Leadership is not a solo act: it’s a team performance. Collaboration is imperative.” #lead

Toll writes;”The key to thriving as a school leader is to tune in. Remain open to others; value their knowledge, skills, and beliefs.” #lead

@hickeygroup posted; “Gr8 leaders lead with respect. They do not put themselves above others and treat everyone in their organization with dignity.” #finishstrong

Thursday thought from  @MichaelFullan1 ; “Good individuals are important, but cultures are more so.” #finishstrong #team

Monday thought from @ToddWhitaker,”If you want to know about the culture of a school, see how the adults greet kids & you will learn a lot.”

@sherylsandberg writes; “Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence, and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.”
Have a great week, enjoy some rest, and keep finding the good stuff.




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