Monday Moanin Thoughts #259, Be Reminded Of Manby’s Principles, Love Works

Happy June 2017 Monday Moanin to you. Wow , what a beautiful weekend I just experienced in Western Michigan. For the past several years my family and I have been lucky enough to participate in an annual camping weekend. I am not going to lie, I am not Captain of the all camping team. In fact many times, including this year I manage to forget a critical component needed for the trip,( tent poles). So we had to buy a new tent. Every year I learn more about team work and applying Manby’s seven principles. This past weekend these principles were still evident as we enjoyed another wonderful time. Below is an archived blog from June of 2012.  


Posted June 24, 2012

I just spent the weekend at PJ Hoffmaster State Park campground  near Grand Haven, Michigan and couldn’t help but notice love, support, collaboration, and teamwork in action. For the past decade my wife and her  two college roommates and families get together to camp. It is hard to believe that we have taken all of these trips. We are all older and our children now have significant others, some are still in school and we also  have grandchildren in the mix. Wow, what a gift!!As I experienced this weekend it became clear that what it takes to bring three families together successfully each year are the same skills and leadership needed in any organization.  Joel Manby in Love Works writes about  seven principles that all successful organizations and leaders possess. This weekend I noticed many of these in action. His list includes the following:

Be patient—demonstrate self-control in difficult situations.

Be kind—show encouragement and enthusiasm.

Be trusting—place confidence in those around you.

Be unselfish—think of yourself less.

Be truthful—define reality corporately and individually.

Be forgiving—release the grip of the grudge.

Be dedicated—stick to your values in all circumstances.

No matter how many people who you have on your staff, team , or camping trip the above principles are critical for a successful experience. It takes everyone working together to make it happen. Give these principles some thought as you begin your summer work and planning.


Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff.

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