Monday Moanin Thoughts #255 Be Bold This Week, Lead With Courage

Happy Beautiful May 2017 Monday Moanin to all of you.

Today we celebrate Memorial Day 2017 . I can’t help but think of what character strengths our fallen displayed during their service to our great nation. The list of these strengths would be a lengthy one. One way to honor these men and women would be to lead by focusing on one characteristic they all shared, Courage.

For  many school leaders, the year is rapidly coming to an end.  This time of year is filled with many challenging issues. Staffing, evaluations, and end of the year activities abound. When you lead during this time, be courageous in your  conversations  and decision-making. Do not shy away from the opportunity to give growth producing feedback to your staff. Do not avoid meeting with individuals to address issues about them making improvement in their practice for 2017-2018.  Continue to demand high expectations from all members of  your team. Have the courage to communicate directly and with confidence on what needs to be said. As Terry Starbucker writes; “Decisions get made. Risks are taken. Leadership requires bravery almost every single day.”

This week, act with bravery, be direct,  don’t hide or avoid the challenges before you. Like the heroes we honor today, lead with courage.

Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff.

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