Monday Moanin Thoughts #254 Hey Educators, Write A Letter To Your Students, #finishstrong

Happy May 2017 Monday Moanin to all of you. A few weeks ago, I wrote about using the hashtag #finishstrong. I urged us all to view this time of year as not the ending but the beginning of next year. Earlier today, my wife shared a message she wrote for her graduating seniors that she gave to them last week. Her thoughts are rooted in gratitude and validation for all of her Seniors. It is a great example of an educator finishing strong. Consider doing something similar with the students that you work with regardless of grade level.   It reads;

May 2017

On our last trip to see our grandchildren in Tennessee my husband and I spotted a bluebird.  It flew right in front of us, stopped for a while in a nearby tree letting us admire it, and then continued to fly away. It was such an amazing blue.

And last Sunday while we were walking, a flash of bright orange flew past us and into the trees.  It isn’t often that I’ve seen a Baltimore oriole and I was thrilled to watch it for as long as possible.  I recall saying something to my husband that I wish birds would fly back towards me sometimes, but once they get going in one direction they rarely turn around. 

I love watching birds.  The brightly colored ones are amazing to see, but I really enjoy all birds.  They all have something special about them.  Some of them have a beautiful song, some beautiful markings, some fly in amazing little dipping patterns, and some have the most amazing habits hiding seeds, or hopping down tree trunks.    

I guess I’m sharing all of this because watching those birds reminds me of watching all of you through the year.  And I feel the same sort of wistfulness as I get ready to watch our seniors graduate this year.  I know most of you will just keep flying in the new directions your lives take you.  And even though most of you don’t fly back this way once you’ve graduated, I know I will smile as I remember being with you.

It has been a joy being your teacher. I really love being with you every day.  I am amazed by your talents, your kindness, your caring for one another, your intelligence and your potential.  Sometimes when I tell people I teach high school they say something about being nervous to be around students your age.  I always tell them how much I enjoy you all.  I remind them that people are people no matter what age.  We all have the same joys and sorrows and the same needs to be respected and cared about.  But there is something special about teaching you at this age.  It is such an amazing time to see you finding yourselves and spreading your wings! 

So as our seniors get ready to leave their nests, I want to wish you well.  Keep being the amazing people you are.  You each have your own way of being in the world and it is my sincere hope you have each felt my caring and my support through the year.

Please go out there and learn and grow and care for each and treat everyone who crosses your path with respect.  I have seen you do this and I know our future is in good hands. 

Congratulations to you all!  Enjoy your summer, and wherever your path takes you next! 

All my best,

Mrs. Hickey 

A big thank you to Dr. Mary Jo Hickey and here is wishing all of you a great week of finding the good stuff.

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