Monday Moanin Thoughts #249 Do You Want To Finish Strong?, Try MVP

Happy April 2017 Monday Moanin to all of you. Hopefully you had a relaxing Holiday weekend with your family and friends. As I mentioned last week, April signals the beginning of the path to the end of the 2016-17 school year. This is the time of year of many year-end activities that simply put,  are filled with  lots of emotions and distractions. As a result, dealing with the complexities of this time of year can be challenging and some times paralyzing. Let’s simplify our leadership and enhance our effectiveness by focusing on MVP. Let’s break it down:  

  • M is for manage the heck out of your building. Be well organized and planned. Update your calendar for end of the year things ranging from locker/cubby clean outs to final teacher checkout. Don’t make your staff guess or wonder what is going on. Let them teach and focus on finishing strong in the classroom. They need to have confidence that all of the closing activities are planned and accurate. No Changes in dates and times, etc…
  • V is for Visibilty with a purpose. Consistent daily check in’s and one-legged conferencing is essential. Be available to answer questions and concerns that staff may have as you wind down. There always seems to be some  anxiety among staff during these weeks. Lead with a calmness and an even keel as you lead during this time. Less events and drama.  Focus on the good and redirect staff to what is truly important, their students and being well planned .
  • P is for People. Pay attention to the most important area of your job the people of your school. What do your staff and  students need?  Reinforce, thank and encourage them. We need our adults to be on top of  things. Help and support them. Lead!!!

Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff!


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