Monday Moanin Thoughts #247 5 Things Every School Leader Should Say

For many of you this will be the final week of school before a much deserved spring break. Several years ago I read a blog by Sheryl Nance-Nash about things leaders should say. As a result, I thought it would be a great time to post something similar by listing 5 things we should here often in schools from all leaders. I believe  these are  some of the right words and phrases that can keep your organization growing and moving in a positive direction.

  1. “We’re a team and we can do this.” No one takes the credit, the community shares it.
  2. “I don’t know.” Being honest and not faking an answer helps build trust.
  3. ” I’m sorry.” When you mess up, own it and then move on.
  4. ” Where is the learner in that decision?”  All things in a school should relate back to the learner.
  5. “Thank you.” Appreciate one another and recognize others for their contributions to the organization.

This list is certainly incomplete and may be viewed as a start to reflect on and produce a more complete one. Ask your staff,  what  are the words and phrases we should hear in our school?

Have a great week, break, and keep finding the good stuff.

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