Monday Moanin Thoughts #246 Conduct Your Own Spring Cleaning

Happy Monday Moanin to all of you. For many this may be the week before the week for spring break 2017. For most of us in Michigan we know about spring cleaning and opening up all of the windows and letting that fresh air in.  It is a way of getting rid of that cooped up cabin fever feeling of a frigid winter. As a result this can be a great time to  conduct a professional spring cleaning to help enhance and  freshen up your practice.  Use the questions listed below to guide your reflection.  Consider using some of them with your staff as openers at your next PD/staff meeting.  Here goes:

Do you begin with the end in mind – What do you want out of leadership, and what do you want for your school community?

Are you more of an “I” leader or a “We” leader?

What is your level of  understanding of tier one instruction? Are you growing as an instructional leader? Are  your staff members? How are you helping and supporting them?

Are you leading with respect? Do you set a tone of respect daily in your actions?

Is learning the fundamental purpose of your classroom? School? District?

Do staff members that are well planned and prepared know that you appreciate them?

Good luck reflecting, have a great week and keep finding the good stuff.

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