Monday Moanin Thoughts #245 Reminders And Thoughts From Previous MMT’s

Welcome to another March 2017 Monday Moanin. Hopefully this will be a positive and productive week for you and your staff.  Positive and productive are always challenging during the month of March and coming up with an idea or focus for this blog is no different. After some reflection, I am posting three excerpts from my previous 244 Monday Moanin Thoughts. Hopefully they will timely and helpful as you begin your week.

From May 31,2015 #160

One thing is certain, there are no easy answers during this difficult time. However, I would emphasize and remind you that Leaders Don’t Hide!  It is critical to fight the invitation to disappear. When your organization is hurting it is important to be hopeful and I believe you can do this without acting pollyanna. You can be respectful without cheerleading. You can be supportive without trying to fix things for people. You can be a listener and fight the urge to be a nervous over-talker. You need to be present in order to be compassionate.

From April 13, 2015 #153

My mentor always encouraged me to consider this time of year differently. Instead of looking at spring as the time to wind down, look at it as setting the stage for  the next school  year. Too often, many people who make up a school community, students, staff, administrators, and parents may want to just get the year finished. As leaders, we need to change this tone and commit to finishing strong and also build for next year.  This week regardless of your role in your school community, focus on these three ideas to ensure a strong finish and positive launch to the upcoming year.

  • Have high expectations for all. The end of the year is not about parties and celebrations. It is about learning. Focus on what is truly urgent and find the balance on ending and beginning of the year activities.
  • Be well planned. Act with intentionality and purpose in everything regarding your organization and community. There is security for all when the plans are clear and communicated.
  • Keep a positive and hopeful attitude.  This time of year can be an emotional and exhausting time for all.  Whatever your role, find the good stuff. It is there if  you take the time to look for it.

From October 9, 2014 # 131

I am blessed to meet with so many talented educators that are successful in leading their schools and communities. Effective leaders have a  lot in common and share many characteristics. Getting their staff to work hard, find common ground, and encourage them to work together  is critical to establishing a culture that is about student learning. I work with many teams that are building this culture in their buildings. Listed below are three ideas or quotes from Paul Bambrick-Santoyo that can help you guide your work this week.  They are:

“Student culture is not formed by motivational speeches or statements of values. It is formed by repeated practice—using every minute of every day to build good habits. From opening morning routines to the final bell, students receive a constant message that nothing is as important—and engaging—as learning.

“Great staff cultures don’t come from irreplicable charisma; they come from a consistent number of tiny actions that create a strong foundation. From hiring to on boarding to daily interactions, exceptional leaders keep their ear to the rail to ensure a positive, joyful, strong staff community.”

Without great culture, student learning cannot thrive.”

Hope this was helpful, have a great week and keep finding the good stuff.

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