Monday Moanin Thoughts #235 Thank You Principals, You Are Appreciated

Happy Monday Moanin to everyone. Wow, we are almost finished and ready to start a long Holiday break. Below is an archived blog from 2013 on my appreciation for Principals.  I hope you enjoy it and have a great break.


As we approach another Holiday break I wanted to write about what a great job Principals do in leading their buildings and how much I appreciate their efforts. Listed below are the 1o things I appreciate about them.

  • The way they provide recognition of students and staff.
  • How they support and encourage teachers with new ideas and strategies.
  • Their ability to understand good instruction.
  • How they visit classrooms and encourage students to do their best.
  • The passion they bring on a daily basis.
  • How they accept total responsibility for their buildings.
  • Their communication skills and how they use different vehicles to get the message out.
  • Their enjoyment of kids and how their decisions are made with the kids in mind.
  • How they lead with humility and treat everyone with respect.
  • Their ability to provide hope and humor for everyone in their school community.

I appreciate all that you do. You do it everyday with class and integrity. Thank you so much.

Have a great week and find the good stuff.

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