Monday Moanin Thoughts #233- Be Prepared, Be Intentional

Happy First Monday Moanin of December 2016 to all of you. In a little over three weeks all schools will be closing  for a well deserved break. As a result, this time of year may be filled with distractions and a lack of focus by many of the stakeholders. The coming Holiday break signals us all to begin to prepare spiritually, personally or both. What a perfect time to prepare professionally beginning today.We know that all classroom teachers will be well planned with instructional strategies that engage their learners.

What about building administrators? Will they be prepared and well planned? Below are three suggestions for this week that will help be prepared and intentional. They are:

  • Conduct pre-planned ” one-legged conferences” with staff . Make these short conversations  more than just personal. Make them growth producing. Be prepared for at least two a day from now until break.
  • Build up your staff. This is a great time to practice not giving advice. Listen to your staff. Do you really know them and  their strengths? Prepare them by encouraging and reinforcing the behaviors and strategies that make them effective educators.
  • Limit  your office time. Be visible and present. This is a great time to focus on others. They will find you if you are needed.

Good luck and have a great week. Keep finding the good stuff!


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