Monday Moanin Thoughts #224 This Week, Focus On Enhancing Practice

Happy Monday Moanin this beautiful October 2016.  My focus for this week is challenging all of you to get better. A few weeks ago I wrote that leadership is not about doing brilliant things. It is about being effective. Listed below are the suggestions to help you do just that..

First,  lead with enthusiasm. Try bringing positive energy and encouragement to your work. Be consistent in everything you do, others will follow.

Secondly, lead with clarity. Most leaders are well read and have a great knowledge base. But knowledge does not make an effective leader. Be accessible and available to the stakeholders in your community and own the vision in your organization. Do people know what you stand for?

Lastly, give praise often. When people do good work, let them know it. You can’t give too much appreciation for doing well. Let your staff know!

Work at getting better this week and keep finding the good stuff.

Quote of the week:

“Leaders can take a step forward in building trust with those they lead by speaking  less and listening more.” Randy Conley


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