Monday Moanin Thoughts #223 Hey Principals, How Are You Communicating?

Happy First Monday Moanin of Fall 2016. Over the last year, I read an article written by Paul Warren discussing the positive qualities that teachers want in their principal. One of those qualities written about was effective communication. It is an essential skill that all principals need to enhance to be a productive leader. Listed below in bold are some great questions from Warren for you to focus on over the coming weeks.

 Good communication is one of the most crucial components of teacher satisfaction; the best principals will routinely examine their communication skills, then apply a variety of styles through the school day. There are a few things principals can ask themselves in an ongoing effort to improve in this area:

  • Who did I communicate with today, even if it was for just a brief moment?  (List every single person you meet with.)
  •  Are my reasons for communicating helping lead my school through positive changes and improvements?
  • Do I communicate in a way that contributes to meaningful problem solving?
  • Does my communication style help to strengthen working relationships among my staff?
  • What areas of communication are the most difficult for me? How can I work to improve in these areas?

Great organizations of all types require great leadership and this is especially true in education. In today’s evolving educational landscape, it is more critical than ever for principals to demonstrate to their staff, students and community that they have what it takes to guide their schools to success.

(“Leadership Qualities Teachers Want in a Principal” by Paul Warren)

Have a great week and consider using the above questions to guide your practice this week.

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