Monday Moanin Thoughts #222 Great Time To Reflect And Grow

Happy final Monday Moanin of summer, 2016. Most of you have navigated successfully the opening weeks of a new school year. As things begin to settle down it is the perfect time to reflect on improving your leadership skills. Ken Blanchard writes about the importance of growth and reflection: “Our capacity to grow determines our capacity to lead. It’s that simple.”
Below are some strategies that may be helpful in helping you grow and lead.  Consider focusing on  a few of these during the next week listed below.

  •  State and restate your vision often.
  • Reach out to staff members that will give you honest feedback, not things you want to hear.
  • Focus on teaching and learning for the 21st century. Talk about good instruction daily.
  • Make your organization flourish by using the Losada ratio loop of three positive/ encouraging comments  to one growth producing comment to staff members.
  •  Lead by doing. You learn the work by doing the work.
  • Find the joy in your job and stay positive. Find the good stuff everyday.
 Quote of the week from John Maxwell;
” An isolated principal is an ineffective principal.”
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