Monday Moanin Thoughts #211 Look What I Found From My PLN

Welcome to this June edition of Monday Moanin Thoughts. This may be the last week of school for many of you. As a result it may be a week filled with many distractions. It may be a time that you feel, ” lets just get this year over.” I hope that you fight that feeling. It may just be the perfect time for you to lead as if it was the first week of  the 2016-17 school year. This morning I spent a few hours on Twitter soaking up lots of good stuff from my PLN. Listed below are a few quotes that may help you focus your thoughts and actions as you bring this year to a positive conclusion.

@JesseLynStoner posts;  “Instead of believing everything you think, think about what you really believe.”

@JohnMaxwellTeam posts; “People don’t follow people by accident. They follow individuals whose leadership they respect.”

@TimElmore posts “Let’s commit ourselves to inspire resilience, resourcefulness and hope in the young adults we know. Remember—they are our future.”

@Leadershipfreak posted; “The best thing you can do for your leadership is create daily rhythms of rest and reflection.”

@JeffCharboneau posted; “The last days of school may contain the most important moment in a child’s future. Make it count.

Consider reflecting and using  these posts from my PLN  to springboard your planning and actions as your prepare for the closing of this year and the opening of next year.

Have a great week , find the good stuff, and finish strong.

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