Monday Moanin Thoughts #210 Outta My Mind On Monday Moanin

Happy June Monday Moanin to everyone. The late Detroit Free Press  feature writer Bob Talbert every Monday would write a column titled Outta My Mind On Monday Moanin.   In this MMT like Talbert , I will share thoughts, comments, and questions that are on my mind about leadership and education.  

  • Which one of the 5 agreements (Ruiz) are you going to focus on this week?
  • Leadership in 2016 is more about standing side by side your staff. I just don’t think top down leadership is as effective.
  • I am so surprised at the behavior of school staffs at the end of the school year. Every year the challenges and struggles are similar to the previous year. It’s like Groudhog Day. Come on, be prepared.
  • Really?  School signs still posting the recognition of school boards for their work. Google it, January 2016 was school board appreciation month. Try recognizing students and teachers!
  • There is so much unhealthy competition between schools that it is ruining the opportunity for real collaboration. We can do better. Stop defensive behaviors and quit making assumptions. It is time to reach out to other colleagues and schools. We are stronger and better when we work together.
  • A positive climate and culture is not only the responsibility of the building administrators. It is on everyone in the organization. Stop blaming and challenge yourself to be a better staff member.
  • I am tired of crabby people, practice some gratitude. Begin by saying thank you more.
  • I wish there was more talk about learning and less funding.
  • Why do some leaders minimize soft skills? Many struggle because they are poor at developing respectful relationships with others.

What are you Moanin about?  I hope everyone finishes strong and have a great week of finding the good stuff!!



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