Monday Moanin Thoughts #207 Thanks For The Modeling Mom

Happy early Monday Moanin! Today we celebrate a wonderful Mother’s Day. Every one of us can reflect on how our mom’s have influenced us as people and leaders. When I think of my mom, I am filled with many examples of how she helped shaped my life and those of my five brothers. Luckily, she still influences all of us  to this day. Rose Hickey is a  93-year-old dynamo. Her gifts are many and she still is the leader of our family. After my dad passed away in 1991, my mom modeled for all of us resiliency and strength.  It was not an easy time, yet she led us through our grief and though missing him, continued to enjoy and live a rewarding, full life.To this day she consistently  encourages me to do well. She compliments me and is a bucket filler. She is direct and  tells you what she thinks – once – then moves on. She is interested in my life and she listens and always asks me how I am doing. My mom cares about others. She has a rock solid faith and is an eternal optimist. She sees the good in all people and yet has a balanced dose of skepticism.  She loves life and reminds us all that it takes courage  dealing with the challenges of living in her 90’s.  Because of these many gifts and qualities, she continues to live an  independent and productive life.

I am guessing that as you reflect on the gifts of your mom, your list may be similar. So why not focus on these same qualities as the school year ends and a new one begins. Let’s all emphasize the bolded words above and apply them daily.  Let’s get to work. Thanks Mom and Happy Mothers Day!

Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff. #finishstrong

Quote of the week: “I think our job as parents is to give our kids roots to grow and wings to fly.”

Deborah Norville

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