Monday Moanin Thoughts #201 Great Time To Reflect? Answer These Questions

Happy Monday Moanin to all of you. For many , spring break is within  a couple of weeks and well deserved break is really needed for all school communities. This is also perfect time to just ask some questions regarding your practice and the state of education. Please consider reflecting on a few of these and see if they assist you in your future planning. Here goes:

What is the impact on education of all of the testing for students?

Are  you more of an “I”  leader or a “We” leader?

Do you have an understanding of tier one instruction? Do your  staff members? How are you helping and supporting them?

Are you leading with respect? Do you set a tone of respect daily in your actions?

Is learning the fundamental purpose of your classroom? School? District?

Do staff members that are well planned and prepared know that you appreciate them?

Good luck reflecting, have a great week and keep finding the good stuff.

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