Monday Moanin Thoughts #18 Does Your Organization Have A Healthy Tension?

There are many schools of thought on building culture and the amount of tension that an organization can handle. Many authors use the terminology healthy tension to describe a successful, productive culture. My interpretation of healthy tension is rooted in a collaborative culture. It would be common that staff members engage in discussions about teaching, learning, and possible changes in how individuals teach. Through self reflection and discussions with colleagues, individuals will adjust how they work with students. A building that is rooted in teacher/adult happiness may not have enough tension or focus to change and improve.

Principals, as the instructional leader in the building,  your role is to consistently push staff in a healthy way towards continuous improvement in their practice. Support them and provide the opportunities for staff to have the discussions. I urge you over the next week to reflect on whether you have tension in your organization. Is it healthy? Is your staff having the right conversations about teaching and learning? Are you asking the right questions? Is there a focus on learning and not grades?

Have a great week and  keep finding the good stuff.

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