Monday Moanin Thoughts #150, The Power Of Sharing Through Twitter

Welcome to the first Spring 2015 Monday Moanin Thoughts. This past Saturday I attended my 4th AdminCampMI hosted by the Why I…Leadership Cohort., led by Paul DeAngelis Deputy Superintendent of Birmingham Public Schools in suburban Detroit. It is  incredible to be a part of 75 educators giving up their Saturday morning to learn and grow with others. The key  thought in all of the EdCamps across the country  is grow with not from others.  This true spirit of growing with was evident this past Saturday. As I reflected on what I would share about my AdminCamp experiences,  I realized I didn’t have to write a list of key quotes and ideas that I learned. My takeaway was the power of twitter and the use of hashtags to share within the the camp and to those colleagues unable to attend. All morning, participants attending their session were tweeting  information from it using the tag. Several times during the morning , colleagues that were at swim meets and concerts with their families, reached out and encouraged those attending to keep the tweets coming. The power of something as simple as using a hashtag, enlarged our network  of  learners and professional sharing. So, today there are no lists, no quotes, no suggestions. Just a hashtag. Check out #ACMI4. Learn like you were in attendance.

Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff

Bonus idea from George Couros. He asks:

” What if every teacher tweeted one thing a day they did in their classroom to a school hashtag, and they took five minutes out of their day to read each others tweets?

What impact would that have on learning and school culture?


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