Monday Moanin Thoughts #148 Keep High Expectations As Spring Begins.

Within the next couple of weeks, students and staff will be taking some much needed time off to celebrate spring break with their families. For leaders of organizations this can be a challenging time. As you prepare and reflect during this time of year, many questions are raised.Should I not push as much and cancel some of my spring staff meetings? Should I stop my one on one meetings with staff because of the  distractions this time of year? Should I not hold kids accountable for their behavior because we are almost to break? Should I not push so hard on evaluations?  Should I not be as tight on things because everyone is tired. The answer is stay on task and LEAD with high expectations.  Be reminded that your staff takes their cues from you. You set the tone. One principal shared with me that  for the next week, she and her team are moving their desks and having office hours in their hallways. She believes that visibility and accessibility are critical to setting a focused tone during this time of year. She also believes that this may help her team initiate connections.  I don’t know if the hallway hours are necessary, but what I appreciate is that she is not being complacent.  We all know that it is important to  find the balance and joy these next few weeks. It is  also critical to be proactive, planned, and focused.  Lead with high expectations. Get to work.

Have a great week and find the good stuff.

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