Monday Moanin Thoughts # 147 Refer To These To Guide Your Work

Happy March, 2015 Monday Moanin.When will Spring get here?  This may be the perfect time of year to provide some quotes or statements that can help focus your work this week. Post these and refer to them often and share them with others during the week. Here they are:

Brad Henry writes; “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.”

Dan Rockwell ,@leadershipfreak shares; ” The more compliance you expect the more helplessness you create.”

Brad Currie, @bradmcurrie writes; ” Being a connected educator is a game-changer. The more best practices educators share, the more student success will be impacted.”

Judith Billings shares; ” Children are the Priority. Change is the Reality. Collaboration is the Strategy.

Michael Hyatt writes; ” Leadership is more than influence. It is about reminding people of what if is we are trying to build – and why it matters, It is about painting a picture of a  better future.”

Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff!

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