Monday Moanin Thoughts #136 Have You Written Your Thanksgiving Message Yet? Try Some Of These Themes

What a great  Monday Moanin morning to wake up to. This week many of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving 2014. In a few days we will be having a wonderful meal with our loved ones and enjoying a well deserved break from the daily challenges we face.

As I began thinking about my message, I couldn’t help but think the same thing for many of you. What is your Thanksgiving message going to be to your staff?  It may be difficult to be creative and inspirational in writing a message. Especially when you are tired and ready to just have a break. As a result, published below are some prompts and excerpts that may resonate with you. They are written by  principals and other leaders from the past several years. Use them! Here they are;

“I share this because as I mentioned at our faculty meeting, at Thanksgiving, I am often reminded of the importance of giving thanks. Giving thanks not only brings the positive things in our lives to the forefront, but reminds us our problems are not as big as they appear. When we thank others, it reminds us the act of gratitude is not entirely altruistic, as it make us feel better as well!  We have all worked hard to continue to ensure student learning and social and emotional growth of our students. For me, that starts every day with each of you.”

“During this time of Thanksgiving, I want to share my gratitude and thank you for being such an important part of our children’s lives. I believe that helping children succeed is one of the most important things any of us can do. That is why I am so grateful to the employees of ___. They dedicate their lives to serving our children. They take each child’s success personally. They spend hours before and after school doing the extra things that few people see but that make all the difference for the children they teach. I see and feel their passion when I visit classrooms. I see the joy in the faces of our children, and I hear gratitude from parents who appreciate the difference our staff members make for their children. ” Dr. Cain

” Thank you for all that you do for all of our students. Over this Thanksgiving break enjoy your time with your families and loved ones. Use this time to appreciate those around you.”

I  hope this helps, have a restful, wonderful Thanksgiving break.


Quote of the week:

“When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude.” Chesterton


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