Monday Moanin Thoughts # 130 Enhance Your Practice- Focus On These 3 Areas

Welcome to this beautiful crisp October 2014 Monday Moanin. In many school districts this week marks the halfway point of the first quarter marking period. This is a great time to reflect and focus on your practice. I want to share three suggestions for you to consider focusing on this week. They are:

Shift your conversation from management to teaching and learning.  As the instructional leader in your building, your staff need to hear and know that this is a priority.  Good instruction matters!

Seek out information and feedback from your staff. Have you taken a pulse check?  What do they think needs attention? What do they consider  are your organizations strengths?  What is most important right now?  Leaders encourage collaboration and communication.

Focus on student culture this week. What is it like for students at your school?  How many students do you know by name? What is the message you send to them?  Their opinions matter, listen to them.

Intentionality on any of these areas  will help improve and enhance your growth as a leader and have a positive impact on your community. Have a great week and  keep finding the good stuff!


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