Monday Moanin Thoughts #126 Try These Strategies-Enhance Your Effectiveness

Happy crisp Michigan Monday Moanin to you. Being a leader in public education is a difficult challenge. There are unfunded mandates, shrinking resources, student learning challenges, new supervisors, active school boards and state legislatures to deal with. These challenges may cause you to lose confidence and act with caution which could negatively impact your role and performance as a leader. Listed below are some strategies  that may be helpful in improving your skills as a leader. Consider focusing on some of these during the next 30 days. In no particular order, here they are :

1. State and restate your vision often.

2. Give consistent, respectful feedback to your students and staff.

3. Focus on teaching and learning.

4. Encourage your staff to participate in Instructional Support Teams or Teacher Learning Labs. Peer to peer sharing is critical to enhancing practice in classrooms.

5. Fill other’s buckets by improving your communication.

6. Be well planned and in control of your time.

7. Lead by doing.

8. Use Twitter to communicate with your community and establish a professional learning network (PLN).

9. Take time to build relationships with your community.

10. Find the joy in your job and stay positive.

11. Focus on your strengths.

Quote of the week:

You can’t do it alone. Leadership is not a solo act, it’s a team performance. The winning strategies  will be based upon the “we not “I” philosophy. Collaboration is a social  imperative. Without it people can’t get extraordinary things done in organizations. Kouzes and Posner, 2003, p.22

Have a great week and find the good stuff.

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