Monday Moanin #234 Give More During This Time Of Year

Happy snowy Monday Moanin and welcome to the Winter Wonderland of Michigan 2016.  For many a long break and a celebration that may be spiritual, family focused or both are a few weeks away.  This is the time of year that many schools are conducting can food drives and other initiatives to help others that are less fortunate. It is also the time of year where giving to others is encouraged and needed. So, how should leaders lead during this time of year?  It is simple, lead with respect, hope, and with a positive purpose. Reach out and give to others more than you receive. It is not the time to find things that may cause you to judge or blame. Give to others positively and intentionally. As we move towards break,  see the goodness in others and be generous in your feedback and support of staff and students.

Find the joy and the good stuff and have a great week.

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